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Nano particles used in the concrete will have a size ranging from few nanometers to 100 micrometers. If these nano particles are operated with nano tubes and sensible nano silica particles, then very strong and tough cement can be developed with increased properties. To know more about Nano Concrete, look at the below ppt:

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Nano technology in concrete. Posted on February 18, 2012 by Rashed. ... Nano-concrete is a very important thing, it has got many positive thing which goes straight into ones benefit, for example with the help of nano-concrete the price of building a site is now much lower. Also, it gives us concrete with a great initial and final tensile strength.

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Mar 15, 2019· Nano Technology in Construction (Download Presentation) Do you know about "Nano Technology" which is used in construction? don't worry let's go and know more about "Nano Technology in Construction" What is Nano Technology in Construction? Nano Technolgy is a new…

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Nano Technology In Concrete Ppt. Nanotechnology in concrete concrete is a mixture of cement, sand fine aggregate, coarse aggregate waters concrete is most usable material in the construction industry its been required to improve its qualityhe mechanical behaviour of concrete materials depends on phenomena that occur on a micro and a nano scale.

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Oct 29, 2019· Civil Engineering Seminar Topics. Huge List of Civil Engineering CE Seminar Topics 2019 PPT PDF Reports, Latest IEEE Civil Construction Seminars List, Top Advanced Seminar Papers 2018 2017, Recent IEEE Essay Topics, Speech Ideas, Dissertation, CE New Thesis, Research IEEE CE Seminar Topics, Reports, Synopsis, Advantanges, Disadvantages, Abstracts, Presentation Slides …

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The question of where nanotechnology will take us in the construction industry should be considered not only for enhancing material properties and functions but also in the context of energy conservation. This is a particularly important prospect since a high percentage of all energy used (e.g., 41%


APPLICATION OF NANOTECHNOLOGY IN CIVIL ENGINEERING. Home / Concrete Technology / APPLICATION OF NANOTECHNOLOGY IN CIVIL ENGINEERING. ... Nano meter) 1 Nanometer – 1 x 10-9 m. Applications of nano technology in civil engineering are numerous. Some of the applications are elaborated below.

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TOPIC: NANO TECHNOLOGY IN. CONCRETE CONTENTS Introduction What is Nano? Why nanotechnology for concrete? What is Nano concrete? Nano materials Advantages Dis Advantages INTRODUCTION Nanotechnology is one of the most active research areas which has wide applications in almost all the fields. As concrete is most usable material in construction industry its been required …

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presentation on nano concrete. ... Nano-technology is one of the most active . ... Conductive concrete containing nano carbon black (NCB) and carbon fibre (CF) to enable the self-diagnosis of ...

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voids. But, it is not the application of the technology at nano level. If it is possible to create the technological tools and organize the amount and locations of these nano-ingredients in a scientific way, then concrete can experience the advances of nanotechnology. Concrete is, after all, a macro-material strongly influenced by its nano ...

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By implementing better technology and utilizing more efficient and cost effective resources, we can change the future impact of concrete and cement to the earth's environment. This is the ultimate goal aside from reducing ever-growing costs associated with the use of cement.

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Is the first nano product that replaced the micro silica. Advancement made by the study of concrete at nano scale have proved nano silica as much better than silica used in conventional concrete. PROPERTIES OF NANO SILICA. High compressive strengths concretes. High workability with reduced water/cement ratio.

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Nov 04, 2015· nano concrete 1. Prepared by MRUTYUNJAY. S .HASARANI 2. • Nanotechnology is one of the most active research areas which has wide applications in almost all the fields. • As concrete is most usable material in construction industry it's been required to improve its quality.

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NanoTech Coatings - Waterproofing coatings for any surface - wood, metal, marine, glass, stone, anti-graffiti, electronic circuit boards and more! Utilizing nanotechnology, NanoTech Coatings creates a seamless bond that is impenetrable by liquids and will protect the surface from dirt, corrosion and decay.

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Nano-size hydroxyapatite is the main inorganic component of bone. There is a critical particle size that each property starts to change. Each property can be modified under controlled conditions.

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concrete which has enabled the study of chloride diffusion in concrete (which causes corrosion of reinforcement). Concrete is, after all, a macro-material strongly influenced by its nano-properties and understanding it at this new level is yielding new avenues for …

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Nov 01, 2016· It is an seminar on nano concrete. Nano concrete ppt 1. Annamacharya Institute Of Technology And Sciences A SEMINAR ON NANO CONCRETE CIVIL ENGINEERING PRESENTING BY M.V.SRAVAN KUMAR REDDY 12701A0147

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Dec 03, 2013· Use of nanotechnology in concrete 1. USE OF NANOTECHNOLOGY IN CONCRETE Place Your Subtitle Here 2. Introduction • Nanotechnology is not exactly a new technology. • Nanotechnology offers the possibility of great advances in construction.

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Free Concrete PowerPoint Templates provide concrete themed PPT backgrounds with images such as a brick wall and textured designs. These free templates for PowerPoint provide backgrounds that resemble strong structures made of substances like metal and bricks to help you deliver your 'concrete' ideas using slide designs that symbolically reflect strength and resilience.

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Mar 14, 2011· Published in: Technology, Business. 24 Comments 97 Likes Statistics ... Nano concrete ppt3 1. NANO CONCRETE MEGHA BALLARI AND PRACHI BORKAR VI SEM CIVIL 2. ... Nano concrete ppt sravankumarreddy9. Properties of Nano-materials Partha P. Mishra. Nanomaterials

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Abstract. The application of nanotechnology in various applied fields is receiving widespread attention. It is important to ensure that these applications address real questions to allow the technology to improve general well-being of the public, especially when …

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Jan 11, 2011· Self-cleaning, water and dirt-repellent coatings have differing properties, functional principles and manufacturing processes. Self-cleaning of the 'Lotus Effect' type has its basis in chemical-physical principles - these surfaces are characterised by a special roughness and are strongly water-repellent; in the ideal case, rain is sufficient for cleaning.

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free Download Latest Collection Civil Engineering Seminar Topic,Paper Presentation with PPT For final Semseter Diploma Civil and Construction Engineering Students ... Marble And Quarry Dust As Additives In Concrete-Civil PPT Seminar: NanoTechnology In Construction Carbon Nano Tube-Civil PPT …

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Graphene PPT 1. GRAPHENeVisit to download 2. Introduction Graphene can be described as a one- atom thick layer of graphite. It is the basic structural element of other allotropes, including graphite, charcoal, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. Graphene is the strongest, thinnest material known to exist. Graphene is an atomic-scale honeycomb lat

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Concrete, the most ubiquitous material in the world, is a nano-structured, multi-phase, composite material that ages over time. It is composed of an amorphous phase, nanometer to micrometer size crystals, and bound water.

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Sep 10, 2013· Nanotechnology in Civil Engineering, Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that allows us to develop materials with improved or totally new properties" This paper report aims to discuss various concepts behind nanotechnology, implementation of nanotechnology in Civil Engineering field and to other fields also.

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Jun 07, 2016· Nano Concrete Seminar Report and PPT: Why nanotechnology for concrete?Improves the materials' volume properties, Ability to control or handle materials at the atomic scale, NANOSCALE ATTACK ON ASR (ALKALI SILICATE REACTION), To attain thinner ultimate products and rapid setting time, Cost usefulness and Lowered levels of environmental spoliation.

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the power of nanotechnology comes in – if we can manipulate elements at the nanoscale we can affect the macro-properties and produce significantly new materials and processes. "Nanotechnology is an enabling technology that allows us to develop materials with improved or totally new properties"

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Unique manufacturing processes with application of nano-technology allows pre-designed consistency of products and guaranteed quality of lightweight concrete independently where it has been produced (in-plant or in-situ). ECOCON is a recognised world leader in development, production and application of non-autoclaved aerated lightweight ...